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FitBug ORB, Fitness activity & Sleep tracking device

FitBug ORB, Fitness activity & Sleep tracking device

FitBug ORB is an ingenious, Bluetooth smart, wireless activity and sleep tracker released in October 2013 by FitBug. Since the day of release it has its effect on the market leading fitness and health gadgets with its features and wins on price.Fitbug Orb is the best fitness tracker that does it all,whether you’re looking to stay in shape, lose weight and feel great or stay fit.With a peculiarity in wearability choices, it is made available in the market in different colors so as to boost your style apart of your concern for fitness. For More : http://www.fitdango.com/collections/activity-trackers/products/fitbug-orb


A great way to start off the NEW YEAR is with one of my favorite products of 2015 so far!! VitaFit Activity Tracker. I love this because it helps you keep track of your daily fitness activities such as calories burned, steps taken, and even the amount of rest you get! Helpful for people who need a little extra guidance with staying on track with your fitness goals!
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VitaFit Tracker: http://vitagoods.com/vitafit-wrist-activity-tracker

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More things I LOVE about VitaFit Activity Tracker:
-Keep track of your total steps taken and calories burned during the day
-Monitor your sleep quality over night and view your results on an extra-bright LED display
-Bluetooth Smart technology instantly sends your data to your personal device where your information can be tracked and stored using the Vitasigns app.
-Simply download the free app, and pair the Vitafit with your smartphone or tablet to view your measurements with personalized graphs and charts
-Get the motivation you need to set and achieve your fitness goals and share your information with your physician, friends or family members as desired
-Designed for active lifestyles, the Vitafit is both fashionable and comfortable for daily wear
-USB rechargeable.
-Adjustable wrist band fits most. Available in Blue and Black.

-Tracks daily steps, calories burned and sleep patterns
-Fashionable and comfortable for daily wear
-Free Vitasigns app (iOS & Android) to track your progress
-Lasts up to 7 days on a full charge
-Extra-bright LED display

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