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BEST Stretching Routine for Beginners: Yoga Stretch Workout Sean Vigue Fitness

BEST Stretching Routine for Beginners: Yoga Stretch Workout Sean Vigue Fitness

BEST Stretching Routine for Beginners: Yoga Stretch Workout Sean Vigue Fitness

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Sean Vigue is a certified Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Nutrition, and Personal Training instructor (over 5000 classes taught), winner ‘Best Male Workout’ (Pilates for Men) by Pilates Style magazine, Master Core Specialist, TV and Film star, and professional singer/actor having appeared in over 70 opera, musical theater, and non-musical productions. He’s a member of Actor’s Equity and is sometimes caught singing arias while doing Planks.
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Here is a challenging Vinyasa Yoga flow designed for whole body fitness. With each round you build endurance, flexibility, strength and muscle tone.

High Energy Fitness Yoga Flows

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years throughout the world. Asana started becoming popular worldwide in the late 1990s. Since then, many yoga studios offer asana classes throughout the world. People of all ages and physical levels can learn yoga. Beginners perform simple poses and gradually increase the movements. Yoga teachers have years of experience teaching the art of yoga that improves your body and mind.

Asana Yoga (Fitness Yoga)

Now, more than ever, fitness is the drawing card that brings people to studios and health clubs on a global scale. Yoga poses are only a part of a larger philosophy that includes other practices such as breathing and meditation. Improving your state of awareness fills your life with more happiness. Learning how to relax is the process of observing the tension in your body. Start by finding a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, and focus on the tension inside your body for approximately 10 minutes. You will find that you start to achieve a level of relaxation that you formerly thought impossible. Asana Yoga combined with good nutrition will give you more energy and improve your mood.

Fitness Yoga Flows Benefits

Improving your mind and body is the result of practicing fitness Yoga flows. Hatha yoga is an ancient form that improves your physical posture that results in boosting your focus and memory. Research studies suggest that practicing yoga may improve bone density in order adults. Yoga also helps you maintain a healthy body weight, lowers stress levels and increases flexibility. Once you have been practicing yoga for several months, you will find improved lung capacity, lower blood pressure and relief from chronic pain. Years of practicing yoga give you stronger bones and a lower risk of heart disease.

Yoga also increases body awareness, boosts immunity, promotes better sleep and normalizes gastrointestinal function. Other benefits include increasing the range of motion in your joints that improves flexibility. Stretching your muscles helps to relieve lactic acid that builds up during muscle use that causes stiffness, pain, fatigue and tension.

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