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Basic Yoga for Fitness with Devin Morgan

Basic Yoga for Fitness with Devin Morgan

This is a wonderful introduction to Hatha Yoga in the Vinyasa flow style that is safe, accessible and effective for getting into better physical shape. Devin Morgan will introduce you to proper warmup including simple Pranayama breathing techniques. Then she will guide you through a flow of Yoga poses chosen to help improve your overall fitness and health. The session will conclude with a cool down and a final Shavasana relaxation.

Devin’s teaching technique is very thorough with great attention placed on proper foundation and form to help achieve optimum benefit. Her verbal instruction and physical demonstration of each move and pose will guide you through the entire session.

Devin Morgan is a writer, clinical hypnotherapist, certified life coach, and founder and director of the Rishi Institute where she teaches hatha yoga by day. Before Devin focused on all of these careers after shuttering her corporate business as a printing broker, she embarked on a mid-life journey to the Middle East in a search for personal happiness.

Devin received both her yoga instructor’s certificate in 1992 and her clinical hypnotherapist certification in 1994, after which she began instructing clients both one-on-one and in groups. She has presented workshops both domestically and internationally and led retreats in England, Egypt, Jordan and Israel as an active part of the world wellness community. Her Rishi Institute is recognized by the Yoga Alliance, a national organization that sets high standards for the teaching of yoga in this country. Over the years Devin has taught thousands of people. Her personal happiness is created by helping to change the world one person at a time.

Devin lives, writes and practices in Los Angeles California


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