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Apple Watch: Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps

Apple Watch: Top 5 Health & Fitness Apps


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I review the top five health & fitness apps for the Apple Watch. Most of us aren’t buying the Apple Watch for the native email app…it’s all about what third-party developers do. And in this video I discuss my favorite activity tracking app, running/cycling app, workout tracking app, diet/weight loss app, and quick workout app.

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch does not have GPS and therefore whenever you go for a run or bike ride, you will be tethered to your phone, at least if you want the mapping data. You can opt to use Apple’s built-in workouts app that estimate your distance as well, but not based on GPS. Of course, the Apple Watch also has an optical heart rate sensor, but as of the date of this video, it does not work with any of these applications :(

So…would I consider the Apple Watch the best smartwatch? Yes. As of today, it’s the best we got, but we all things are going to be moving quickly in this industry so this particular model won’t obviously stay on top. Ok though, is this the best activity tracker out there? Nope…but it’s good enough that if you want/have to have the smart features you will be just fine with its activity tracking features.

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